Buckbootz Footbedz Insole


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A super soft, flexible, lightweight insole giving you a supreme soft step and a more snug fit to your footwear.

Footbedz™ immediately moulds itself to the contours of your foot, the exceptional cushioning effect helps protect your joints, preventing fatigue.

Breathable polyester top layer with breathable comfort foam on a sturdy latex underside.

Footbedz™ combines an active lifestyle with individual functionality sensational comfort.  Ideal for any work boot or leisure footwear, specifically designed for long periods of standing and walking or any other situation that's hard on your feet.

Comfort: ●●●

Freshness: ●●○

Fatigue: ●●○


Note: you may feel a little pressure from a new insole when you put on for the first time.  This pressure should diminish once the insole has adapted to your foot.


  • Available Sizes 6/40-13/47
  • Black

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