Another foot saved... the same year, in the same county and in the same circumstances.

Mark Statton’s foot was saved by Buckler Boots B1150 Goodyear welted safety boots and David Taylor’s foot was saved by Buckler Boots Buckshot injection moulded safety boots.

This has real significance to us because for the past four years we have been developing the Buckshot concept whereby the use of the latest footwear injection moulding machines permits higher bonding temperatures and the use of rubber outsoles which are standard feature of the entire Buckler Boots range.

The availability of safety footwear manufactured by these machines tends to be restricted by the high cost of their installation, so our decision to engage at an early-stage is paying dividends.

The aim of the project was to develop a product range which is lighter weight than Goodyear welted, has a completely watertight seal where the uppers meet the soles, yet achieves similar levels of out and out strength which can add vital resistance to injury over and above what can be tested in the laboratory. We are currently involved in the next phase of developing the Buckshot product range - further news on this soon.

Read David Taylor’s account of what happened on 4 August 2014 below:
I would just like to take time to thank yourselves on making excellent boots.
I purchased a pair of Buckshot boots in 2013 from my local dealer, these boots were worn daily on a mixed farm through muck dust and rain. In the last year on August the 4th they went on to prove they’re the best boots I've ever had.
I was involved in a horrific farm accident when a concrete panel dropped from chains and crushed my leg and foot. The leg was broken in 5 places and the foot and ankle had multiple fractures. I was airlifted to the RVI Newcastle where the boot was cut off and received surgery on my leg, the fractures in the foot were left to heal. If it wasn't for the quality of your boots my foot could of been so much worse and my recovery so much longer.
I'm now back on my feet and looking forward to being able to go back to work soon. So thank you for saving my foot and please keep making quality boots.