"Broke my arm because of them!!"

Back in January, we received an email from Jolanda Baarsma who told us that, after tripping on her boots which had lace hooks and breaking her arm, she searched online to see if any other people had experienced the same problem.  She found Buckler Boots and our Sling Those Hooks campaign.

Yolanda was cooking in the kitchen at the time which is bad enough but you can imaging the danger that lace hooks pose in a working environment with climbing ladders, operating machinery or when inspecting slurry pits.

Thankfully Jolanda is on the mend now but she wanted us to share her story in the hope that it prevents the same type if incident happening to others.

This story along with a number of others that we've received over the years is one of the reasons why you'll never see lace hooks on any Buckler Boots.