Farmers Weekly Safety Tip Competition - July Winner

Use scissors when recycling fertiliser bags.

David Street is the July winner of the Farmers Weekly Safety Tip Competition.  David shared his personal story of an accident, which has made him change his approach as a result.

A couple of years ago, I was cutting the liners out from the large 600kg fertiliser bags to separate them for recycling, the penknife I was using slipped and my left hand got in the way. I severed one tendon and damaged another in my left hand, which landed me in hospital for 24 hours and my left hand next to useless for six weeks. The surgeon did a great job repairing it and the damage is barely noticeable. My hand was fully functional 10 weeks after the incident – a great credit to the NHS.

However, I do advise against using knives for such activities. I now use a sharp pair of scissors instead and keep my hand well out of the way.

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