Farmers Weekly Safety Tip Competition - October Winner

Open gates at arm’s length to avoid knocks

Devon farmer Rupert Shinner has won Octobers Farmers Weekly safety tip of the month competition, run in association with Buckler Boots.

Mr Shinner, who breeds South Devon cattle and works on the family farm at Ivybridge, said his tip was one that had been taught to him as a child.

“My safety tip is to keep gates at a full arm’s length when shutting them behind livestock and sometimes when opening them.

“This is to keep the gate as far away from your body as possible, without creating a ‘hinge’ with your elbow, while achieving the aim of containing the livestock if you are loading cattle or shutting cows into a collecting yard.

“Then if an animal does kick or move back, you move with the gate, rather than the gate very quickly moving towards your body and head.”

Mr Shinner chose a pair of B701SMWP rigger boots. which he collected from his local Buckler Boots dealer: Cornwall Farmers in Kingsbridge.

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