Farmers Weekly Safety Tip Competition, the next phase

On 18th September Farmers Weekly, in conjunction with Buckler Boots, announced the next phase of the hugely popular ‘Safety Tips of the Month’ initiative.

This phase will run through August 2016 and this time around Buckler Boots will offer our dealers the opportunity to be directly involved by way of instore display cards and entry forms at sales counters.

Agriculture has the worst safety record of any UK industry. We can all play a part in changing that.

For more information, please call us on 01382 828 200.

Submit your farm safety tip by emailing

Entry Forms can be downloaded here

Click here to see 11 simple steps that could be lifesavers!


“It’s been a great project and we are now delighted to have the Buckler Boots dealer network directly involved in the next phase.”
Debbie Beaton, Editorial Projects Director, Farmers Weekly