Press Release December 2016

Buckler Boots - Shortlisted for Boot Brand of the Year

DUNDEE, Scotland, December 13, 2016

The mild autumn weather didn't dent demand for an all-weather, all-season safety footwear product which was conceived, developed and CE tested and certified by independent safety footwear brand, Buckler Boots. Now that winter is upon us however, the company's renowned Buckbootz BBZ S5 safety boots come right into their own.

A combination of neoprene and rubber and a host of safety features plus Cold Insulation certification has created a safety boot which has become Europe'sNumber 1 product in this category and a firm favourite with individual users in construction and agriculture plus some of the UK's most prominent utility providers.

Buckler Boots' product range extends to popular leather safety boot styles, all designed by the Dundee based company.

The Buckler Boots brand recently received unprecedented recognition when it went head to head with international brands like CAT and Timberland after it was nominated then shortlisted for the Best Boot Brand Of The Year award at a recent ceremony and dinner held at The Emirates Stadium in London.  The award was sponsored by the online construction industry community; On The Tools which is the biggest community of its kind in the UK with over one million followers.

Speaking from its offices and design and distribution centre in Dundee, the company's Managing Director and co-founder, Andrew Duncan said, "This is a tremendous accolade for an independent locally owned business and brand like ours. The votes which took us all the way to the shortlist were cast by people working in the construction sector. The company started in 1998 and there has been a stage by stage approach to building a brand and profile which competes successfully against multi-national big budget brands. Our focus on marketing, design quality, innovation, testing, service and employing top quality personnel has been key to elevating the company's profile in the sectors we supply."

Buckler Boots Ltd distributes its safety footwear products via a network of dealers in the builders, tools and agricultural merchants sectors throughout the UK and Ireland. Its subsidiary Buckler Boots BV, based in Oisterwijk in the Netherlands, is responsible for the company's business in Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

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