Sling these hooks!

Dealers will know of our long running campaign to have speed lace hooks banned from safety footwear. Most of you will know that speed lace hooks also feature on many leisure and walking boot styles so we thought you would be interested to read the email below from Lynne Drew about an incident which saw her end up in A & E.

“I just came across your website feature on the above. I was out walking my dogs a few days ago and the lace on my left boot got caught on the hooks on my right boot. I was walking quite fast and went flat on my face on the pavement.

Ended up in A & E. Nothing broken fortunately but have got extensive bruising on my face and a sensational black eye. Since then have spoken to 3 people who have had similar but less serious experiences. Hope your campaign to ban these is a success.”

You will notice that Lynne subsequently discovered three other people with similar experiences. We haven’t been able to have lace hooks banned yet but we’re lobbying hard will keep you updated.