At the very heart of a good work boot is a good outsole and there has never been a Buckler Boots style which hasn’t featured rubber outsoles. For us there is no compromising, we can’t see past rubber as the prime work boot sole material and we invest heavily in our own rubber outsole development programmes.

Rubber is tough, durable, stays flexible in a wide temperature range and is abrasion, slip, heat (300ºC for 60 secs ) and oil resistant. It also provides superior grip in nearly every conceivable working situation and is resistant to a number of chemicals.

All the rubber outsoles you can see here have been developed by Buckler Boots. If you think you’ve seen other soles which look a bit like them then it’s probably because some of our competitors have seen and liked them too.



K2 Sole

Originally Buckler Boots signature outsole for Goodyear welted boot styles. Probably the toughest sole of its kind available. K2 put down new markers for strength and durability in work boot outsoles. Certified to SRA anti slip standard.


K3 Sole

The new generation sole for Goodyear welted leather styles and Buckbootz neoprene/rubber footwear. Features weight saving wave effect sipes and inherits K2’s rugged long life characteristics whilst also achieving SRC maximum anti slip test certification. Looks good too.



Buckshot Sole

The most exciting Buckler Boots outsole development for some time. Buckshot 2 has been in the development process for over a year and is now introduced on our injection moulded Buckshot 2 boot range. It has some of the best antiabrasion test results achievable. A great looking sole with wave effect sipes, deep cleats and all the outsole benefits which come with rubber plus SRC maximum anti-slip test certification.


Largo Bay Sole

Even when it comes to bringing the street look to the workplace we insist on real rubber outsoles but - our sneaker soles are different. Mindful of the need for some outsole ‘dig’ in some working conditions, (even with sneaker style safety footwear) we have created a sneaker sole with pronounced cleats, wave effect sipes and a slightly raised heel area without sacrificing that great looking sneaker sole side profile. Comes with SRC maximum anti slip test certification too. Clever and good looking.


Nubuckz Sole

Nubuckz Sole 

For our ground breaking new injection moulded Nubuckz safety boot styles we introduce a deep cleated rubber outsole specially designed to interact with the polyurethane top sole in which the Nubuckz ribbed anti scuff toe is an incorporated and defining feature. Nubuckz outsoles are heat resistant to 300ºC and achieve maximum rating SRC anti-slip certification. They are long lasting with rugged good looks.