Story of Buckler Boots

The concept of Buckler Boots started in 1997 with a blank piece of paper on to which all the short-comings which bedevilled outdoor safety footwear were poured. These short-comings were mainly down to poor quality components (a hangover from the days when most safety boots were cheap and not very cheerful being nearly always black) and poor quality construction. They were uncomfortable, cold, steel toe caps hurt and soles frequently parted from the uppers – and that was when you could get the boots.

Buckler Boots came up with a simple solution: focus on designing and producing the highest quality outdoor safety boots available and back premium products with premium service. It worked. However you cannot write a cheque made payable to “credibility”. It has to be earned and as Tue Mantoni, former CEO of Triumph Motorcycles, said – “it’s worth remembering how long it takes to be an overnight success”.

Buckler Boots was formed in 1998 and since then, by adhering to these original principles, the company has gone on to carve out a special place in the market. The products are  backed by a unique “Body and Sole Together Forever“ guarantee and are renowned for their strength, comfort and durability whilst bringing new ideas and product developments to the premium safety boot sector. Prominent amongst these is the Buckbootz neoprene/ rubber safety wellington which has gone on to become the No.1 product of its type in Europe.

In 2007, the company took its business model to mainland Europe and set up a new company in the Netherlands in conjunction with a Dutch business family headed by Kees van den Beukel.  Buckler Boots B.V. has taken the Buckler Boots concept to an ever expanding network of dealers on the continent.

Buckler Boots business in the UK is handled by five sales personnel and the products are distributed exclusively through a network of 1,400 merchant customers.

When you see the Buckler Boots logos on any footwear product you can be assured that you are looking at some of Europe’s premier work boots; no short cuts just total focus on quality, strength and durability with the kind of understated style you get when you blend the very best components and craftsmanship with classical and innovative designs.