I received an unsolicited business services offer recently which began: “Hi Andrew, it’s great to see that you started your company in 1998 with a blank piece of paper.”

When that line was penned back then, I didn’t realise the extent to which it would strike a chord with so many merchants and end users.

When the company’s business model was still on the drawing board I asked my co-founder, Sam Connor to list all the gremlins which he reckoned bedevilled safety footwear as a product sector and compared them with my own thoughts. All gremlins were then listed on a blank piece of paper. That piece of paper proved to be the inspiration for making Buckbootz one of the most respected independent safety footwear brands in the UK and parts of Northern Europe.

The journey has been powered by component innovation, design breakthrough, product quality, attention to detail, durability, customer service and a receptive audience. The most satisfying aspect of all has been the enthusiasm of merchants and end users alike for what we do and just like them we are the work we do.

Andrew Duncan
Chairman and Co-founder, Buckler Boots Ltd