Sling Those Hooks

Over the past decade Buckler Boots has waged a campaign to have lace hooks (sometimes referred to as speed lace hooks) banned from safety footwear.

Lace hooks trap wire, twine, and cable and, most dangerous of all, they trap lace loops from the boot on the opposite foot and when that happens you’ve got big trouble.

UPDATE: In the past few weeks we received an e mail with pictures from Jolanda Baarsma who broke her arm when that very thing happened – in her kitchen! You can imagine the danger they can pose when climbing ladders, operating vehicles and machinery and working close to silos or inspecting slurry pits.

Tell us of any experiences you have had or know of in connection with lace hooks by email to or complete the Submit Feedback form at the bottom of this page and help us make a real contribution to making safety footwear what it should be: safe!