Hybridz - Hy profile

It’s difficult to think of a product which we have developed over the years which has had a bigger impact on launch than Hybridz.

“It ticks all the boxes” is a well worn cliche but it surely applies to Hybridz.

Innovation has been a key ingredient of Buckler Boots success. Hybridz® is a new concept in work boots - the convenience of a dealer boot combined with the fitting adjustment provided by lacing. 

The concept is simple - at first fitting the wearer adjusts the lacing to get the tension preferred, ties the laces as normal, then locks the bow with second tie, after that you’ve got a dealer boot with double pull loops and fitting tailored to your foot - which can be put on and removed with the same convenience as a normal dealer boot.

We hear you cry ‘why didn’t someone think of that before?’