Fighting the impact of inflation

Many of you will be aware that rising inflation in the UK is being powered by the big drop in strength of the pound Sterling and the consequent rise in the price of commodities and products which are priced internationally in other currencies, primarily in US Dollars.

Hides and rubber are traded only in US Dollars so you will see some substantial increases in footwear prices in 2017.

This is where Buckler Boots NUBUCKZ come in.  We have been developing this product over the past 18 months and during June of this year, we will introduce maximum non-metallic safety specification, rubber outsole, cowhide leather lace and dealer boots with a recommended selling price of only £49.90!

Like all Buckler Boots products, Nubuckz are tested exhaustively before coming to market.  This and the extra attention to detail which is in Buckler Boots' DNA produces products which users like you come back for time after time.