Less is lighter - and better!

Work boots in Goodyear welted construction are synonymous with Buckler Boots reputation for comfort and durability. This goes hand in hand with our reputation for pushing out the boundaries of innovation to add new dimensions of performance and comfort to work boots in all three principal construction methods. 

For some boot wearers Goodyear welted construction comes with an extra weight disadvantage and footwear boffins are constantly looking at ways of stripping some out without detracting from performance and comfort.

Changing the safety cap and midsoles from steel to polycarbonate and Kevlar doesn’t achieve much in this regard so we’ve turned our attention to the rubber outsoles. 

Rubber is the outstanding material for outsoles but it is heavy in relative terms so 18 months ago we set to work to create a new lighter weight outsole using the wave pattern principle which strips out excess without detracting from the sole’s performance. 

And so the Buckler Boots K3 sole was born.

We introduced it quietly on a nonsafety work boot eight months ago whilst we embarked on the programme to get it to full EN standard for use on safety styles. 

We wanted K3 to pass the max anti slip test which is SRC (most outsoles on Goodyear welted boots are SRA). K3 came through with flying colours. Expect to see more of it from now on.