Professional Builder’s Ollie Allen Reviews BAZ

Professional Builder’s Ollie Allen has been working in comfort ever since he received his new pair of Buckler boots.


Ollie Allen – winner of Jewson Young Tradesperson of the Year and award winning furniture designer & carpenter reviews BAZ non-metalllic safety boots.

"I’ve been wearing these for a good few months now and tested them on site, in the workshop, in customers’ houses (with permission, of course) and even walking the dog! I haven’t felt the urge to tear off my boots at the end of the day to stop pain and discomfort, so for me that’s a great win over other boots I have worn in the past! The price tag on the BAZ boot comes in at a fair comparison to other boots on the market and I really rate these highly."

Ollie's full review can be read here or in the autmn 2018 edition of Apprentice Builder magazine.

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