BSIF Membership

Our membership of the British Safety Industry Federation reflects our commitment to standards compliance and product excellence and a recent observation from them gives some serious food for thought.

Apparently a number of UK and mainland European brands have been caught up in a scrutiny procedure which reveals that there are safety footwear styles in circulation which don’t match their EN testing certificates’ data.

That’s one of the best reasons for having the EN testing and certification procedures carried out exclusively for your own products. This has been Buckler Boots’ policy since the company was founded. We also like to think outside the box when it comes to safety footwear features and specifications. The best example of that is our long running ‘sling those hooks’ campaign to have speed lacing hooks banned. Now we are introducing the ground breaking Buckz Viz™ range where EN safety colours in Cordura® are matched to oiled Nubuck leather in two show stopping waterproof boot styles.