Tractors don't have PU tyres

It’s one of our older lines but it’s a good one.

On our Hearts and Soles page, we go into some detail about the reasons why there’s never been a Buckler Boots style which is not equipped with rubber outsoles. Despite this, we are still sometimes asked why we don’t opt for cheaper polyurethanes outsoles on some styles particularly those suited to indoors and lighter duties.

The answer to that is simple; ‘lighter duties’ doesn’t mean that the wearer doesn’t require maximum grip, durability and heat resistance and on top of that we have developed light duties rubber outsoles which are non-marking.

For some safety footwear brands, polyurethane soles are specified to keep costs down and some shell out license fees to be able to fit (and publicise) a well-known rubber outsole brand. We never rule anything out in that regard but our soles are close to our heart and never a day in our business passes without development work being carried out to put our outsoles right up there with the best.

Foot(!)note: It’s not always clear on visual (or smell) inspection if a sole is rubber or polyurethane and sometimes the soles carry confusing messages.