BBZ5060 - another Buckler Boots innovation

Arriving mid-September 2015, BBZ5060 is another Buckler Boots design innovation. For the past year we have been working on a completely new non-safety neoprene/rubber boot style.

Our target was to give this style of waterproof footwear the look of a real quality leather boot at the welt area and to tackle the ‘fold in’ aggravation when the foot is inserted. By flaring the front and back straps up to the collar of the boot it keeps its shape when the foot is pushed inside yet maintains the snug calf fitting which is a feature of this boot type.

The BBZ5060 package is completed by fitting Buckler Boots exclusive K3 wave sole. We think we’ve created a balance of design and new features which will make BBZ5060 the envy of its competitors and a magnet for the discerning country boot buyer.